Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Alpha Release #3 - Tutorials and HUDs

So, I've finally started doing some work on the HUD. With that comes the issue of HUD design, information/status displays, and how the player will interact with it.

The HUD is basically going to be a series of small buttons on the bottom edge of the map. These buttons will control the basic functions that can't be otherwise performed via clicking around the map(I'm aiming for as little keyboard/off map interface as possible). For some of these purposes, such as displaying character info, the buttons will open on screen menus or displays. For others, such as simple commands, they will just perform the command when clicked.

In addition to implementing the HUD, I've set up the dialog delivery and a basic tutorial map that explains how to play the game. It goes through selecting units, movement, combat, stat display/inventory, unit death, and leveling up. The dialog boxes display a portrait of whoever is speaking, and will eventually show their name next to it, when I get around to adding character specific dialog.

Within the next week, I plan on expanding the tutorial to change some things up, add a second chapter, put some real dialog in for the characters maybe, etc. For the time being, multiplayer is more or less how it's going to be for a while. I don't intend to do too much more work in that department until I've at least finished the first campaign, as that is a prerequisite towards a lot of the MP functionalities.

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